Emília Malgueiro Campos

Sócia Fundadora

Lawyer with 25 years of experience in corporate law, intellectual property, contracts and digital law. Fouding partner at Malgueiro Campos Advocacia and Compliance Director at Atlas Quantum.

MBA on Business School of São Paulo, Legal Exchange Education Program at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, California and MOOC in Digital Currencies and Blockchain Technology at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus.

Professor at the MBA of Blockchain Development at FIAP and author of the book Criptocurrencies and Blockchain – The Law in the Digital World, by Lumen Juris Publisher.

Lecturer in numerous events and author of the book “Criptocurrencies and Blockchain – The Law in the Digital World, by Editora Lumen Juris. Emília was ranked two years by the Chambers publication as a reference in her area of actuation.

Tatiane Praxedes Lech


Lawyer with 13 years of experience in the tax area, consulting, tax planning and litigation, judicial and administrative. Strong experience with innovation and startups, technology, mining and transportation.

Master’s degree in the State University of São Paulo (USP), Specialist in Tax Law by IBET. Certified at Blockchain Immersion Online by Blockchain Academy.

Assistant Professor of Financial Law at the Faculty of Law in USP. Professor of the Tax Law Specialization course at IBET, Professor invited for post graduation course in Tax Law at the Law Shool of São Bernardo do Campo.

Former Councilor representing taxpayers in the Administrative Council of Taxes and Fines of São Bernardo do Campo.

Victor Di Sessa


Experience with Corporate Law, New Technologies, Intellectual Property and Litigation, having acted as one of the responsible for the judicial alienation of Boi Gordo’s assets. Currently holds the position of President of the Intellectual Property Commission in a district of the Brazilian Lawyers Association.

Graduated in Law and currently in the postgraduation in Intellectual Property, Entertainment and Media Law at the Law School of Brazilian Lawyers Association from São Paulo.

Dinamara Lopes


Dina is responsible for the strategic management of trademark portfolios in Brazil and abroad, supporting clients in consultancy and administrative procedures before the Brazilian Trademark and Patent Office.

Graduated in Law, Dina worked in one of the largest financial institution of Brazil for 18 years before join to the office. Attended the General Intellectual Property Course at World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Guilherme Gutierre


Student of the 9th semester of Law, at the Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas, Guilherme complements his academic learning through the contact with legal practice by acting directly with office lawyers.



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