“Lawyer online” is a legal consultation service for companies through video conference or telephone.

The proposal of this service is the virtual contact between lawyer and client to solve simple legal business issues that require only a consultation.

We optimize your time with the same quality that you and your company would have in a face-to-face service

How does the “Lawyer online” works?

You and your company receive remote legal assistance over the internet.
Remote assistance helps reduce transfer time to the office and costs with parking. All you have to do is schedule your appointment in one of our channels.

What is considered “legal consultation”?

Consultations are suitable for questions that can be answered by our lawyers in the video conference itself, without the need for research or in-depth study of the subject outside the consultation. If the question is complex and requires a more in-depth legal study, the case is to prepare a Legal Opinion, not a consultation.

But do not worry, we’ll help you to identify if your case is for consultation or legal opinion on your first contact.

How to schedule?

You schedule your appointment by email contato@malgueirocampos.com.br or by telephone +55 (11) 3717-9106, informing the subject of your consultation and sending, if necessary, documents related to the subject that you need to consult.

Is the “Lawyer online” service paid for?

Yes. For this service our office works with fees paid per consultation.

Yes. For this service our office works with fees paid per consultation. After the appointment, a payment slip will be issued and sent to the client by email. Then the client can access the provided link with a scheduled date and time, and your session will get start!

What do I need to access the online consultation?

You need to be connected to the internet and access the uploaded link. We recommend using webcam and microphone.

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