What we do different

A close monitoring of the cases, 22 years of experience obtained in the best law firms, personal and differentiated services with costs that fits in any budget.

We are in the age of knowledge and intellectual capital. And because of this we handle industrial property in a practical, uncomplicated way and focused on the client’s business. We manage portfolios of trademarks, patents and industrial designs in Brazil and in all countries abroad, through our extensive network of specialized correspondents.



  • We conduct searches to ensure the desired brand is viable.
  • Filing and handling trademark registration in Brazil and abroad, through our extensive network of corresponding lawyers in all countries.
  • We monitor trademark violation and implement anti-piracy program.


  • Patent engineers in different areas.
  • We conduct prior searches to check the possibility of patenting inventions and Freedom to Operate (“FTO”) technologies.
  • Drafting and handling technical patent claims in Brazil and abroad.
  • We carry out competitive intelligence studies and strategic-technological surveys.

Industrial Design

  • We perform searches, prepare and handle industrial design registration in Brazil and abroad.


  • We register computer programs at the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI). Your protection in Brazil is given as a copyright and is valid for 50 years.

Valuation of Intanginble Assets

It is possible to attribute economic value to intangible assets such as brands, patents, industrial designs and technology, in order to transform them into an instrument for conducting business and generating revenue.

The work of valuation of brands and patents is carried out in a multidisciplinary team, which evaluates not only the economic aspects, but also legal and market aspects related to the evaluated asset.

The methodology used was developed by the team and consists of an algorithmic tool that assigns points to the variables that effectively adhere to and apply to the evaluated case.

Protect your bussiness: Register Your Creations and Developments!

Making a pre-searching and register your creations are very important measures for your business, as they avoid wasting time and money.
Imagine investing in the diffusion of your brand or product and then discover that there are already others similar in the market? Nothing worse than having to make changes of route in the middle of the way.
That’s why we’re here! To help you develop a protection strategy for your creations and developments.

The firm was born with a calling: supporting clients with highly specialized legal advice in a practical and straightforward way, focused on their business.

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