Termos e condições de uso do site ing

Terms and Conditions of Website Use.

We kindly ask you to read carefully the terms of use of our website, as they contain relevant information about our relationship with everyone who accesses it

Available Material

Our website has relevant legal content, both on its pages and on the BLOG, areas that we constantly update.

All this content was produced with the purpose of transmitting knowledge and contributing to the dissemination of Law.

Unauthorized Reproduction.

All content on our website, design, presentation format, and images that you find when visiting it were created specifically for it. We do not authorize its reproduction, partially or totally, as well as its imitation, which will subject infractors to the penalties contained in the Intellectual Property Law, Copyright Law, and the Penal Code.

The sharing of the content contained in the BLOG can be done, provided that it aims at the free dissemination of information and knowledge.

If you have a page or content dissemination portal, from a company that does not relate to our company’s activities, you can share our content by sharing our pages. If you prefer to reproduce content on your pages, we ask that the source be cited in the following format: Content available on the website (INSERT PAGE LINK) on (INSERT DATE OF ACCESS).

Any individual can share our content, materials, pages on any social media platform through the sharing buttons available on our website. It is also permitted to share only the link of the page of interest.

There is no legal recommendation.

The content available on our website is not intended to offer legal opinions on any issues and does not replace the analysis that must be carried out for each specific case.

Você não deve tomar decisões baseado única e exclusivamente nos conteúdos contidos no nosso site. Não poderemos, em qualquer circunstância, ser responsabilizados por mau uso das informações contidas em nosso site.