Advogado online ing


Specialized assistance for your company!

Who is this service for?

The online lawyer is intended only for business matters. If you are starting a new business or already have a company, schedule your remote consultation through the link below.

How does “Online Lawyer” work?

You and your company receive remote legal assistance via the internet. Remote assistance helps reduce travel time to the office and saves money on parking. Simply schedule your consultation through one of our channels.

What is considered a “legal consultation”?

Consultations are suitable for questions that can be answered by our lawyers during the video conference itself, without the need for research or in-depth study of the subject outside the consultation. If the issue is complex and requires more in-depth legal research, it falls under the preparation of an Opinion, not an online consultation.
But don’t worry, we will help you identify whether your case is a consultation or an opinion in your first contact.

How to schedule?

You can schedule your consultation by email at or by phone at (11) 3717-9106, stating the subject of your consultation and sending any documents related to the matter you need to consult on, if applicable.

Is the “Online Lawyer” service paid?

Yes. For this service, our law firm charges fees for consultations.
After scheduling, an invoice will be issued for the consultation fee and sent to the client by email. Then, the client can access the provided link with the scheduled date and time, and voila, your consultation will begin!

What is needed to access the online consultation?

You need to be connected to the internet and access the provided link. We recommend using a webcam and microphone.